Warburton Train Station Murals - Located behind the Warburton Waterwheel Centre

The Warburton Train Station Mural Project was organised with the exceptional energy of Norm Orr of the Warburton Post Office. In 2015 - we've also seen the recent submission and upload of some other historical photos of Warburton - including the Chalet and the last train to Warburton on Aug 1, 1965.

The Old Warburton Train Station - located behind the Warburton Waterwheel has been celebrated using some fantastic old pictures of Warburton Trains and associated historical pictures. The paintings have been beautifully presented with lots of hard work from local artist Peter Van Breugel

(Last update with contact from Jeff Hort - Jeff wrote:

All the Murals meant something to me having been born and raised in Warburton. Watching the turning of the loco on the turntable at La La was always a buzz when I was a kid.

My dad Arol Hort (Pud) was Forman at Tuckman’s Sawmill for many years and the loco turntable was close by. In fact logs belonging to the mill were stockpiled all around the turntable and along the railway line towards Warburton almost to the road crossing.

Peter Van Breugel

My Uncle H Lynch (Harold) told me a story just before he died (buried at Wesburn Cemetery) that he was once unloading logs alongside the railway line between the turntable and the road crossing and got bogged. The loco driver was Dick Richards at the time. He noticed H was bogged and offered to pull him out of the bog with the loco using hand singles H said, which they proceeded to do, having got a long length of old winch cable from the sawmill log yard. H reckoned that he may be the only truckie every to be pulled out of a bog by a locomotive.

I have very fond memories of Warburton. I started school at the East Warby State School 1946 and transferred to Wary school 1950.I went by bus to Lilydale High each day and walked 4km each way from Pheasant Parade where we lived. I played football with Warburton seconds and then 1st grade at 16 years of age. Won Warburton best and fairest at 17 years. What great years these were. Jeff.

Thanks Jeff - just the kind of stories and memories we can add to this page. Do you have a story or history about a place, person or picture on this page? Send your info to paul@warburtoninfo.com and we will upload. We'd love to share the stories of people and times gone by in Warburton.

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