Musicians, Entertainers, Writers & Artists in Warburton and Upper Yarra Valley

Medicines have changed the world. Medicines have saved children, cured illness, prolonged life, extended the quality of life, and given life to our brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, fathers, mothers, friends, neighbours, our old and our defenceless young. If you don't do it for yourself, then do it for the people you know, and do it for the people you don't know. Do it for your job. Do it for the economy. Get vaccinated as soon as you can. Thank you.

Looking for musicians or entertainment for your wedding, function or corporate event in Warburton or the Yarra Valley? Here they are - right on the doorstep of your event with local knowledge and connections to help your event go smoothly.

We also list local writers and handmade artists on this website. Supporting local artists supports our local community - even when they sometimes move north and are available as a Port Douglas wedding singer.  When you support local artists and musicians in the community - you support the community to welcome you when you come to visit us :)  Warburton Valley is brimming with local talent that can spice up, write up, paint up, make up and entertain - you get the drift :)

It's a long way from Warburton to Sydney - but when it's all about the art distance is no issue. Painted pet portraits ordered from Sydney can be sent to Warburton or anywhere in the Yarra Valley, similarly seascape paintings of Sydney are equally transportable artworks to Warburton.  A painted portrait of your pet in the Yarra? Worth 1000 words.