Free Wi-Fi and discounted internet access in Warburton

WiFi in Warburton is available free to customers of these Warburton Info members


WiFi in Warburton can be purchased from these WarburtonInfo members


Internet access infrom Warburton online - open 11am - 3pm daily - (03) 5966 5881

Beneath the Mechanics Hall at the Upper Yarra Arts Centre - Warburton online provides computers and internet access.

Warburton online operates under the Broadband For Seniors government initiative. (We are currently trying to push for training sessions for the elderly (and anyone else) in basic IT skills such as Office, emailling, browsing, privacy etc). We are fully not for profit and operate every day. I can't think of much more that could be useful, but will get back to you with cost breakdowns once I have that info in front of me

  • Currently no wifi access (June 2014) but that may change in the near future
  • Approx: 10 computers
  • There is a nominal cost per hour although this is waived if the customer produces a valid customer concession