Road & facility closures in Warburton, Dandenong Ranges, directions to Donna Buang

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MT DONNA BUANG : See snow report  

Road from Healeville CLOSED: The C505 road from Healesville to Mt Donna Buang (and off Don Road) is now closed over winter 2021 and closed every winter. You need to go through Warburton to Mt Donna Buang. Also note that Google maps will take you on the route that is closed. See our advice for directions below.

How to get to Mt Donna Buang? 

From Melbourne: drive through Lilydale and turn right into the B380 Warburton Highway to Warburton , stay on the main highway through Warburton, go past the service station and IGA, past the Seventh Day Adventist Church, over a small bridge and head towards the left at the Warburton Motel sign up the C507 Donna Buang Road.  (Within 100m you'll see Yuonga Rd on the left - go past this - just stay on Donna Buang Road.

From Healesville: leave Healesville via the C411 head to Woori Yallock on the C411 Healesville - Koo Wee Rup Road, and turn left onto B380 Warburton Highway towards Warburton.