EJ Gerrish Motors (Warburton) Where the Pedestrian crossing is now - Water Wheel side

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EJ Gerrish Motors (Warburton) Where the Pedestrian crossing is now - Water Wheel side

Thanks Annie Thomas (from Annies Escape in Warburton) for the following correction to previous ID for this picture:

"It was opposite the Post Office, right where the pedestrian lights are in front of the Water Wheel, on the same side as the Water wheel. If you stand on the Water wheel side of the road at the pedestrian lights you can see where the petrol pumps were as the concrete stumps are still in the ground. Have a look next time you are there and see if you can spot them.

If you wanted to buy petrol you would simply pull up (as if parking in the main street) and the petrol was pumped into your car...there was no flashy drive way to pull off the road like we have now with service stations."

Thanks Annie! I had this picture down as Good Food Room. I will be looking for those historical concrete stumps next time I'm at the pedestrian crossing.

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