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Our first video, and its a music one, is called Seven Bridges Road by Mark Holden. It features (sometimes local) musician Visnja on tin whistle - with opening shots filmed on the swing bridge and Dammans Bridge in Warburton. Enjoy!

BELOW: Snow on road to Mt Donna Buang August 2014: Driving down from a snowy Mt Donna Buang. The music that happened to be playing in the car is a CD by Harpist Michael Johnson - who is currently resident composer of the Melbourne Botanic Gardens. A really lovely CD for relaxing and driving. Warburtoninfo.com team bought the CD at Michael's recent concert in Melbourne - also available at his website here

BELOW: Example of small kids toboggan and snow play on Mt Donna Buang.

BELOW: A quick toboggan at the carparks 200m from the summit - the weather was closing in so we headed back down.

Joh meets Boinga Bob, Better Homes and Gardens : Ep 33 (13.09.2013) - clicking the picture below will take you to the yahoo online video site to watch this 4:25 mins video tour of Boinga Bob's Warburton House. (As a CH 7 commercial TV show segment - you'll have to watch an advert first...but it's a good segment that respects Bob and his work)

Boinga Bob Warburton Video


And also see some images and snow in Warburton here.

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