Smile! Caroline O'Connor and Marlene Magee

Smile! Caroline O'Connor and Marlene Magee

This great pic taken at the Warburton Golf Club during the filming of Surviving Georgia in 2009

Thanks for your pic Marlene and the note from 2009 below :) 

Marlene also has a blog here

My name is Marlene Magee.

I live in the Upper Yarra Valley and was recently an extra on Surviving Georgia. I got involved because I live in the local area and I've always been interested in the film industry. I was in two scenes: the wedding reception (with my daughter) and a hospital scene. I played a doctor. You will get to see the back of me as I walk down the corridor, wearing hospital greens. I was pretty darn good. Could be my big break.
I'm also a Drama teacher and have been teaching Drama at the local high school for over twenty years. I took along one of my former students to the "reception" and he got to play the role of the groom. Of course, I taught him everything he knows.
Actually, the whole experience was a lot of fun, especially when I got told to "tone it down" by one of the assistant directors, when miming during the reception scene! (I blame it on my theatre background!) It was great to meet Caroline O'Connor and Shane Jacobsen who were very friendly and obliging.

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