Warburton Train Station - 2012 Mural Project

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The Warburton Train Station Mural Project is being organised and driven with exceptional energy by Norm Orr - from the Warburton Post Office. The paintings are being beautifully presented with lots of hard work from local artist Peter Van Breugel.

The Old Warburton Train Station - located behind the Warburton Waterwheel is getting a makeover using some fantastic old pictures of Warburton Trains and associated historical pictures.

This is a new page in April 2012 - and will be developed as the project expands.

Picture above: The lower side of the platform being painted with trains from Warburton. The area above was the platform where - for many decades - people waited to catch their trains to Melbourne from Warburton.

Picture above sponsored by: KG Thomas Insurance Brokers 

Sponsored by: The Warburton Post Office

Sponsored by: Paul Jackson and Visnja