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Updated May 2016: Yarra Ranges previously supported this site with $500 per year from local councillor ward funding. This annual help ended in August 2014, with all levels of Yarra Ranges Council specifically electing to no longer support this site.

The WarburtonInfo.com team believes this is largely because this website delivers better results, more cost effectively and still far more visibly on Google than websites built by the council tourism body YRT. Ratepayers should understand that many $100 000s are given annually to bureaucratic organisations and employees of YRT connected to Yarra Ranges Council, and yet general visibility online regarding the Warburton Highway businesses has been woeful compare to the visibility of Warburtoninfo.com. Google simply don't like their sites as much as ours.

www.warburtoninfo.com  has had over 100 000 visitors to our mobile and desktop sites in the past 12 months. We invite 'Warburton specific' web stats from council tourism websites if they are ever made public.

In our opinion Warburtoninfo.com's cost effective success exposes waste in the council tourism organisations. We have promoted this region consistently for almost seven years with great success.  However the idea of supporting tourism promotion that is not directly controlled or bureaucratically connected to the Yarra Ranges Council, appears a foreign concept. 

The outside world is knocking on the door of Warburton cycling and tourism. Small time local politicians and an established closed shop approach cannot hide in the shadows much longer. The valley is receiving new ideas, new websites and new independent voices from outside of council and the local bank. Together with these independent voices, Warburtoninfo will continue to do more with less and use this platform to ask council to partner, not be punitive, towards entrepreneurial online businesses and forward thinking individuals. The future belongs to the people of valley, not the local bank or local council.

To their credit local council do have green credentials, including policies to keep cats indoors and away from wildlife. The team at Warburtoninfo.com support that approach and believe a good cat fence can keep cats safe AND save local wildlife.

Generally speaking, businesses and residents of Warburton Highway, and visitors to the valley, can take heart that www.warburtoninfo.com is not going anywhere. We will keep promoting Warburton, helping create youth employment and local businesses opportunities by bringing tourist dollars to the Warburton Highway. It is with the support of over 60 local businesses that this site remains live and devoted to providing good quality information for all. We are grateful for the support of those businesses and many members of the local Warburton Community.

Paul and Visnja
Owners of www.warburtoninfo.com
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