ECOSS Spring Fair - an annual event each September

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ECOSS Spring Fair - an annual event each September

Last event: 25 September 2016, back in 2017:

2016 promotion below:

Sunday 25 September between 10am-4pm 

ECOSS: 711 Old Warburton Road, Wesburn

This years spring fair will be bigger than ever. We are inviting all of Ecotopia stall holders to join us.

As always there will be shining local talent on stage all day, natural building workshops, environment group displays, kids activities and more.

We will have an inventors corner, and showcase some of the Yarra Rangers Seed Pods grant recipients work.

We will have a Speakers Tent bringing us up to date with the current status of Asylum Seekers in Australia, how to visit Asylum Seekers in Detention, and what you can do to help.

We will be opening our Indigenous Reconciliation Conversation Pit, showing you our progress on our Earthbag ‘Cultural home of the World’ that has been built by Healesville High School and Mt Scopus College students, and showing you our progress on our Frog Bog.

The ECOSS nursery shop will be open on the day and will be a perfect opportunity for you to buy all your spring seedlings.  

There will be delicious healthy food and drinks available.

Only $5 per person or $10 per family entry.

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