Warburton Valley Tourism Info Ph 03 5966 9600 - email:

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Warburton Valley Tourism Info Ph 03 5966 9600 - email:
For the benefit of visitors to Warburton, and Warburton Tourism, The official Warburton Valley Tourist Information centre (unrelated to is located at the Water Wheel in the centre of Warburton.
Warburton Tourist Information Centre 
Ph 03 5966 9600 centre located in the Water Wheel in the centre of town.
3400 Warburton Highway, Warburton VIC 3799
  • a non-profit organisation, run for the betterment of its members, and staffed by volunteers
  • manager of the Warburton Visitor Information Centre, dealing with approximately 10 000s visitors per annum
  • the focal point for local, interstate and international tourism enquiries for the area
  • affiliated with Yarra Valley Business and Tourism & Dandenongs Regional Marketing and Tourism Victoria
  • Unrelated to
  • a network for local tourism-related businesses

Update:  The VIC has supplies of the Ted Chisholm Book available at The Warburton Waterwheel Visitor Centre. $10 a copy. All profits go to The Rivercrew who maintain all of the riverside walking tracks

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