COMPLETED: November 1- 3, 2014 - Victorian Trail Running Festival - 5 events over 3 days - Brought to you by Big Run Events

COMPLETED: November 1- 3, 2014 - Victorian Trail Running Festival - 5 events over 3 days - Brought to you by Big Run Events

The Yarra State Forest near Warburton  is a hidden gem when it comes to Trail running. Only an hour or so out of the  Melbourne CBD, the scenery and the forest are awesome, featuring towering  eucalypts and other forest giants, coupled with a lush fern covered  undergrowth. Everything a trail runner could dream of.

We are offering a great variety of  events with a festival atmosphere at the event hub and campsite.

The festival includes the first multi day stage trail events in Victoria giving trail runners the choice of completing either 80km or 100km over   3 days. The 100k is broken down as 34/42/24 whilst the 80k has a 21k on day 2 for a combination of 34/21/24. What are you like at backing up day after day? This multi day is a great test of endurance!

Big Forest Run 42 is a point to point  race and the course for the main part follows the Walk Into History walking  trail which follows some well-preserved sections of historic timber tramlines,  past old mills and other relics of the early timber industry. You will also get  to run past the Ada Tree a 300 plus year old forest giant and one of the biggest  Trees in Australia!

You will be transported to the start  just past Powelltown by bus, and the atmosphere on the bus is sure to be  buzzing, ….a bit like a bunch of schoolkids going on their first excursion to  the zoo!

You will be well supported at the aid  stations, and be rewarded with a nice gentle downhill run for most of the  second half of the course.

Victorian Trail Running Festival - Warburton

The finish area is on private  property in a great little valley just next to the Yarra River, where you can  jump in for a refreshing dip if you like after your run.

The course is excellent for  spectators and supporters with all aid stations easily accessible.

Check out some of the photos from our last event  here in April  to get an idea of what you  are in for, and get a bit more detailed information on the course description and the course map and elevations pages.

The Victorian Trail Running Festival is  set to become another quality event on the Victorian Trail Running calendar  adding to the many great trailrunning events now available. Victorian Trail  runners have never had it so good!

If you need any further information  not contained on this website, just contact us and we will  respond to your enquiry.

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