Upper Yarra Secondary College - Ph 03 5967 1877

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Upper Yarra Secondary College - Ph 03 5967 1877

Upper Yarra Secondary College is located in the Yarra Valley, about 65 km east of Melbourne, Australia in the state of Victoria. About 600 students from Years 7 to 12 attend UYSC. Students enrol in the school, coming from thirteen different Primary Schools.

Upper Yarra Secondary College’s Outdoor Education program has been one of the of the schools drawcards for many years. We are ideally located in the Yarra Valley close to many outdoor facilities and features such as Wesburn caves, Yarra State Forest, and the Yarra River. Our program includes: hiking, indoor and outdoor climbing, canoeing and rafting, surfing, alpine ski touring and downhill skiing.

Due to a community investment made by Upper Yarra Community Enterprise - in 2012 UYSC has been able to purchase One Planet equipment (made in Melbourne) and made especially tough for school groups. The tents are also classified ‘4 season’, making them usable for snow touring as they can withstand snow build up without collapsing.

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