Jennie de Vine - Reiki, Spiritual & Crystal Healing, Diamond Light Healing Centre, 2B Louis Ave, Warburton, Ph 0438 706 135

Jennie de Vine - Reiki, Spiritual & Crystal Healing, Diamond Light Healing Centre, 2B Louis Ave, Warburton, Ph 0438 706 135

Welcome, I’m Jennie, I facilitate deeply relaxing healing sessions where I assist you to move through life’s challenges, including anxiety, depression, stress, pain relief, long term illness and cancer.

My Healing Sessions assist you to feel inner peace, grounded, and inspired to move forward, with new tips and tools for the journey. 

I have been studying energy healing for the past 20 years.  Incorporating Reiki, Sekhem, Crystals, Intuitive Healing, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Counselling.
My sessions are great for stress, anxiety, depression, teenage trauma, feminine cycle assistance, manifesting, letting go of the past, and so much more. 
There is the option for full ‘Day of Transformation’ sessions, or to stay overnight in a the healing retreat, upon request. 


Jennie is a beautiful grounded being, healer and conduit whose inner calm and connection to mother earth and universal energy create a safe and supportive energetic field and environment. She is respectful and generous with her love and caring, with an open hearted awareness for those that come to her. The healing she facilitates, the support she receives and the shift, realignment and opening that occur during the healing are so profound they seeped through some of the tightest, longest kept and deepest layers of my being and her caring and support continued to flow after the healing session. I am joyous and grateful that our paths crossed, Jennie, thank you for your presence.                         Love, Sun H 20/3/2016

Your healing has been an absolute blessing to me. Full of love, gentle guidance and warmth followed by real transformation... I can't thank you enough for coming into my life. Love and light to you beautiful woman xxx”  N. Saliba 11/15


Universal Reiki - Jennie de Vine

Ph: 0438 706 135
The Diamond Light Healing and Workshop Centre,
2B Louis Ave,
Warburton, Vic 3799.


20 years experience in the energy healing field

Reiki, Sekhem Master, Worldwide Distance Healing

A member of ’The Reiki Association of Australia Inc' 

Applied First Aid HLTCPR211A, HLTFA201B, HLTFA311A

Victorian Police check and Working with children police check

Assisting in the developmental stages of children with a understanding of Steiner education

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