Susan Mills Healing - Ph 0404 002 623 : Studio 14, YREC, 21 Woods Point Road, Warburton

Susan Mills Healing - Ph 0404 002 623 : Studio 14, YREC, 21 Woods Point Road, Warburton

Susan and her team of professional healers promote wellness through an emphasis on emotional wellbeing.


The body desires and is always attempting to create a state of healing.

Susan and her team have a variety of powerful services on offer to support your nervous system to release blockages from your physical body. This supports everyone to recover a state of wellness within, no matter what the current experience of imbalance.

We are available by pre-confirmed appointment on weekends and for regular clients throughout the week. Distance balancing is available for those that can’t make it to a personal session.

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Each individual client receives the frequency they need, to help them unblock any stuck energy within. In this manner, we are assured of change, wellbeing, peace and stillness within.

When your body is free of interference, a natural state of healing can occur.

Bliss, peace, stillness, connectedness, wonderment and delight are all available when this shift happens. Soul connection, warmth, trust and fulfilment. A sense of successful manifestation and trust can be restored.


If you desire:

  • Physical healing of pain, disease, discomfort, misalignment
  • Structural/skeletal/muscular healing
  • Emotional wellbeing on every level
  • Spiritual connection, support and healing
  • Transcendence from the physical and human condition
  • Connection to your Guidance team
  • Peace
  • Tranquility and a sense of
  • Wholeness
 Susan Mills


Susan and her team have the skills, energy healing education, experience, unconditional love and compassion to support you, to any level of healing you desire, from wherever you are right now.

Our services can be combined to assist energy healing for each and every issue. If you are seeking a physical healing, reading or combined energy healing session, we have the tools to support you.  

All readings are interactive and conducted with the highest connection of Light, Love and Integrity. We will connect the receiver with the energy of Guidance, loved ones, Ascended Masters and Angelic team.


Some areas of special interest may be:

Energy Healing Sessions

  • Life Alignment
  • Reiki
  • Energy field clearing
  • Energy Activations
  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Etheric Body Clearing and Activation
  • Light Body Clearing and Activation
  • Merkaba Body Clearing and Activation
  • Vortex Energy Clearing
  • Substance abuse release
  • Entity release
  • Home/Land Alignment energy clearing and entity release
  • Vortex Alignment
  • Ascension work
  • Terminal illness/transition work
  • Grief and loss
  • And anything guided as a priority by your Higher Self
 Team member Melissa

Pain Management

  • Life Alignment Pain Balancing
  • Spinal Flow
  • Healy Frequency tools



  • Psychic / Medium readings (connect to loved ones in Spirit)
  • Clairvoyant Reading (connect to Guidance team, Angels, Ascended Master team)

All readings are interactive, meaning the client will experience a connection to energy of the visiting Spirit/Team and experience a sense of connectedness.


Crystals/Books and Tarot Cards

A changing selection of quality crystals, tarot cards, spiritual books and magical herbs are regularly on offer.

Group healings and special interest can also be catered for with advance notice.


At the Susan Mills Centre for Healing our mission is to deliver personalised healing, from a state of presence and unconditional love, to restore, rejuvenate and heal others at the deepest possible soul level.


Here’s what some of our regular clients have to say:

I first met Susan a few years ago, I was in desperate need of help and guidance. 

Her name came up on a google search and from our first message I was drawn to her.

I cannot recommend Susan enough.   She has helped me through some difficult times, and I often refer to her as my Guardian Angel!

She is so gentle, caring and very understanding.  

Susan is so AMAZING at everything she does, and I have no doubt whatsoever in recommending her.

I cannot thank her enough.  Without her in my life I would be a mess!

(Tracey, YJ)


I have had the privilege of working with Susan over the last four years through some of the most challenging times of my life. Her skills as a healer have been fundamental in allowing me to release pain and handle all challenges put before me.

To me, the most wonderful thing about Susan is her lack of judgement. I always feel totally supported and safe in her hands, and I think it is this build-up of trust that has allowed me to have such powerful healing experiences with her guidance.

Recently, Susan has started incorporating the Spinal Flow method into her sessions. This method has been fantastic, and I have had positive physical and emotional changes because of it.

It is very hard to know who to choose when it comes to the very delicate and raw call to heal oneself.  I have no doubt Susan is a very genuine person who has devoted a lot of her life to understanding how the body heals. I am excited to carry on my work with her and have every faith she will continue to guide me to a better, healthier and happier version of myself. 

(MC, Healesville)


I truly believe I was guided to Susan (as usually I would go to someone through word-of-mouth, but I found her on a Google search).  I felt a real connection from the first moment.  It's like seeing an old friend that you've known for ages.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but the sessions I've had have been wonderful (though not necessarily easy!).  But that's why you're there, isn't it?

I wondered if I would feel or look foolish, especially after I explained what I was trying to accomplish, but Susan put me completely at ease.  Nothing I said freaked her out in any way (which is saying something!).

I honestly know that what we have done together has really helped me along my path. 

I'm very much looking forward to the future I am creating for myself, now that I've 'purged' what had been blocking me.  Though I'm sure I need a couple more sessions to really sort things out!

I have no hesitation in recommending her to you.  You won't be disappointed.



And for readings with Melissa ….

In my reading with Melissa I felt so held and validated, it was profoundly accurate and helped me gain so much insight around my circumstances and how my choices will likely play out. My gran came through and Melissa described her to a T, there was no doubt in my mind and it was so reassuring to feel connected with her again and to know that I haven’t been imagining her presence. The description of her jewellery blew me away especially, no-one could’ve known that!”




Spending time in Warburton? We would love to meet you.

Come and join us for a truly magical, relaxing and rejuvenating weekend healing or reading. We can design a tailor made relaxation session for your personal needs.


Living in Warburton?

Experience a healing truly unique to you, with the added bonus and potential of becoming an incredibly valued long-term client.

Studio 14

Yarra Ranges Enterprise Centre

21 Woods Point Road, Warburton

Directly opposite the caravan and water park in Warburton. 


Can’t make it to Warburton?
Get in touch to discuss the profound effects of a distant healing.


For bookings:


For more information about Susan and Melissa go to: 

Tel: 0404 002 623


Susan Mills

Life Alignment Teacher/Practitioner
Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner
Spinal Flow Practitioner
Spiritual Ascension Healing

Melissa Jones
Life Alignment Practitioner
Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner
Psychic/Clairvoyant Medium
Home and Land Alignment and Clearing

Studio 14
Yarra Ranges Enterprise Centre
21 Woods Point Road, Warburton
Directly opposite the caravan and water park in Warburton. 

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