Mayer Chalet 1961 Christmas Menu

Mayer Chalet 1961 Christmas Menu

Thank you Dorina for these images. Dorina wrote: 

Hi There, I was going through some paper work of my mother's (who passed away 30 years ago) and found this 1961 Christmas Dinner menu from the then Mayer Chalet. I would be happy to send it to you if you have a historical display/home for it. It's a booklet that opens up. I've just scanned the front and inside pages in the attached.

Dorina Caccamo

WarburtonInfo are pleased to add these images to our online repository of Warburton Historical Pictures. Our team has directed Dorina to contact the Warburton Waterwheel to seek their interest in accepting, storing or storing, displaying the physical brochure.

Mayer Chalet (then Warburton Chalet) Christmas Meal Menu 1961 - page 1

Mayer Chalet (Warburton Chalet) Christmas Meal Menu 1961

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