COMPLETED: February 7, 2015 - Mt Donna Buang 'Everesting Event'

COMPLETED: February 7, 2015 - Mt Donna Buang 'Everesting Event'

25 invited riders will race up and down Mt Donna Buang to equate a climb to the top of Mt Everest. Now that's one way to spend a Friday afternoon in early February! Phew! We wish them good luck and a cool bottle of water along the way.

Further information will be published here when supplied by event organisers or sponsors. If you have information relevant to the event - send it through and we can also compile resources.

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The video below shows cyclists on Mt Donna Buang Road that will be raced by the Everest Donna Buang riders Feb 7, 2015.

Dirty Don from CycleAtlas on Vimeo.

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