A public hospital in Upper Yarra

A public hospital in Upper Yarra

At 7pm Thursday on 20/9/12 a public meeting was hosted by Upper Yarra Community Voice to discuss interest in having a public hospital in the Upper Yarra. Location: Yarra Junction Bowling Club, Yarra Junction Reserve, Yarra Junction.

Reply from someone who attended the meeting: (Received Sept 20, 2012)

Hi there I went to the meeting tonight and was impressed with the turnout as well as disappointed in our government support after the petition went round and then presented to our local member last year. I have a family of 5 children and my wife and myself we have several serious health issues within our family unit 3 insulin dependent diabetics,2 autistic epilepsy heart condition and our list just goes on and on and this is just one example of 1 family in need of local medical facility's 24 hours a day. I am sure there are vast amount of family's in the same position as ourselves. The outcome of the meeting was plain and simple it want open as a public facility so the idea of opening it as a private facility would not work as common sence will tell you the upper yarra and surrounding ranges is mainly low income/welfare and there for private health insurance is not even an option for the majority.so if that's the only way it would work than it needs a different approach or all the efforts will be for nothing I think a great idea would be to get some support from our local resources and get your ideas and thoughts and what you are trying to achieve out there and get it on paper and do a mail out done to every house hold in the region because awareness is the best method of public support and from that this whole project will just grow with so many community benefits along the way please don't hesitate to give me a call or email me as its about time a group took a stance on this and made something happen instead of just talking about what if and if I can be of any help I will as I feel very strong about this Cheers for now Craig. (WarburtonInfo Editor note: We can put you in touch with Craig if needed. Otherwise please send feedback on the email form below to the organiser of the meeting)

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