Sonia Jane is Author of 'Messages from the Heart...For Mums'

Sonia Jane is Author of 'Messages from the Heart...For Mums'

Available on the Author's website as an ebook for just $3.95 - this booklet contains 12 heartfelt messages between mothers, sons and daughters, each taking you to a place of love, and gratitude. These poems are accompanied by beautiful landscape images by well renowned Tasmanian photographer, John Temple. Together they create a delightful gift from the heart for all Mums.

Sonia also has available a fundraising 'environmental bookmark' to help benefit the Leadbeater Possum. Sales or the bookmark contribute funds towards saving the habitat of the Leadbeater Possum.

New: "Messages from the Heart ... for Dads".  

"This beautiful booklet makes an ideal gift for Fathers Day, coming soon on 1st Sept. Both books for Mums and Dads are available from the Waterwheel and available as E - books on line."

See a sample poem called Thank you Dad. (PDF 254kb)

See more about Sonia, connect to her products, online store and inspiration on the website link below.

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